Moving mindfully

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Did you ever try moving mindfully?

Moving and stretching in a slow and mindful way is a wonderful preparation for more extended meditation exercises. Movement can also be a deep formal meditation in itself, if you approach it with full awareness.

When practicing mindful movement, tune into the sensations of your breath as you move and hold different postures. Become aware of thoughts and emotions that arise, notice them, and shift your awareness back to the body. Be mindful of where a stretch is slightly out of your comfort zone and begins to feel uncomfortable.

Explore what being at this edge of your comfort zone feels like. Notice if you habitually drive yourself through the pain, or if you always avoid the discomfort. Be curious about your relationship with movement and stretching and bring a playful attitude to your experience.

Moving mindfully will help you:

1. create awareness of your body 2. build connection with your body 3. reducing stress and it's physica consequences 4. increasing your balance and coordination 5. learning how to relax deeply 6. obtain greater equanimity 7. learn how to concentrate 8. create peace and love within 9. + one more beautiful benefit for you it is moving beautifully, gently, softly, and naturally Which is going to reflect on all your movements in a daily life.

Practices which include mindfull movements: Qigong, Tai chi and yoga.

And most importantly to get 💯 procent of the benefits, practice regularly 2 -3 days a week to start and continue on a daily basis.

Feel more and move! 🌺

Peace, love 🌱❤️


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