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1/03/2019 had Arna onderstaande tekst geschreven en gepost op Facebook, de 18 voordelen van yoga te beoefenen. Facebook is niet voor iedereen, vandaar dat ik het ook via deze blog deel.

2019 was jaar van positieve verandering, en yoga en meditatie heeft ons hier vooral bij geholpen. We hebben dus voluit de voordelen van yoga kunnen voelen.

De originele post van Arna:

After I started to practice Yoga on a regular basis, it has completely changed my life!

The 18 main benefits of yoga I experienced myself:

1. Strengthening and correcting the posture of my spine. I don't have pain in my back


2. Releasing tension from my muscles, connective tissues and all layers of my phisical and mental body. 🧘‍♀️

3. Improving my immune system. I don't get sick easily anymore.

4. Long, healthy muscles. The mobility and lightness of movement that comes with this feels incredible! 💪🤸‍♀️

5. Yoga makes me happy and it energizes me! 😊😜

6. Yoga has brought me a way to become stronger using body weight without putting shocks on my joints, thanks to which I hardly ever have injuries anymore.

7. If I do get injured, I heal faster, and my old cartilage and joint pains slowly went away with it.

8. Somehow it decreases experienced pain, while my body gets pain less often. Pain is just another sensation now, and a quest to heal my body even more.

9. A beautiful body is a really nice bonus😉

10. Confidence. I no longer take the inner voice that narrates my entire life too serious. Getting in touch with the present moment makes me comfortable in situations where I used to get nervous.

11. An open mind, letting see things from different sides. I don't judge as fast as I used to.

12. Yoga calms, restores and brings peace in my mind.

13. Improving my breathing. What was once a shallow breath, has become a long breath, thus opening and cleaning my lungs and providing oxygen to my every cell.

14. Correcting my posture and the way I move.

15. It's a healthy lifestyle, and it helps in maintaining this effortlessly. Cravings for bad stuff really lessen the longer you practice!

16. Improves focus and balance, I'm less likely to fall 😅

17. Helping me to find my tribe, to be surrounded amazing, beautiful, kind and open people. Everyone just seems to blossom when they keep up this practice 🌼🌷🌻

18. The most amazing thing is that it helps me to connect with my body, to get to know my body,, to feel my body, and to keep it healthy. And through the body I can connect with my spirit and realise my true self.

Did you find something that you would love to bring in your life? Then that can be your motivation to start yoga and be the best version of you! ♥️



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